Welcome to the Teman-Teman from the Start Gallery


Our gallery features a number of photographic exhibitions.  To view these, please click on the text of your choice.  Should you wish to see a larger version of any photograph, click on the thumbnails.

This Gallery contains six virtual exhibitions.  Team Teman-Teman is very proud to be able to present these exhibitions, which contain many images that previously have only been available in rare manuscript collections or in archives.

Team Teman-Teman acknowledges the generosity of the Australian War Memorial in granting permission for the reproduction of the photographs from their archives that are displayed in Exhibitions 1 and 2. 

The Australian War Memorial collection contains many photographs relating to the Netherlands East Indies and Australia in World War II.  If you would like to visit the collection, just open the following address:  http://www.awm.gov.au/

All the images you will find in this gallery are subject to copyright.  You cannot use or reproduce any image for any purpose without written permission to do so



Exhibition 1: Cowra


Exhibition 2: Guests and Allies


Exhibition 3: Gamelan Digul


Exhibition 4: The first Australia-Indonesia Association


Exhibition 5: Publications of the Central Committee of Indonesian Independence in 1946 in Brisbane


Exihibition 6: Mackay