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Our website theme songs

We have chosen two contemporary love songs, one composed by an Australian, and one composed by an Indonesian, as theme songs for our story.

You can download and listen to the songs by clicking on the appropriate song title below. Should you wish to read the lyrics, click on the PDF icon and then you will find the lyrics of both songs.

The first song, written and sung in Bahasa Indonesia and English, is Over the border of time (Melintasi batas waktu). It was composed by Krisantini in Brisbane in 2006 based on an earlier unpublished song, Doaku (My prayer). The song is sung by Clemensia Yudina Valiandra who is accompanied by Krisantini on the piano and keyboard with added string programming.

The second song, written and sung in English, is ’Til the light burns down. Evan Dean sings the song backed by his band, The People People, who released their debut album, The Sound of Now for Tomorrow, in early 2006.

Team Teman-Teman would like to thank Evan, Krisantini and Clemensia for generously allowing us to publish these beautiful songs on our website. If you would like to learn more about their music, we recommend you visit their websites:

Krisantini and Clemensia Yudina Valiandra - www.geocities.com/cinta_2benua
Evan Dean and The People-People Band - http://www.peoplex2.com

Song and production backgrounds

Over the border of time (Melintasi batas waktu) was originally composed as a song with passages that reflect spiritual issues. It was then modified to suit Teman-teman from the start with new lyrics added to reflect themes of enduring love and the meeting of minds which are appropriate to our story. Composition and production took place in January 2006 in Brisbane when Krisantini workshopped her new lyrics with Sally, Anna and Clemensia, to ensure she captured the essence of the love story it reflects. The musical elements have been retained and even strengthened in the final version you hear today.

Recorded in 2005, ‘Til the light burns down was written and composed by Evan Dean in Brisbane. The song captures the moment when the singer professes his love for the very first time. If his beloved will return his affection, he promises to be devoted forever.

Why love songs?

As we read the many pages written about the lives and times which comprised the rich fabric of the story we were weaving, we came to believe that, at one level, Teman-teman from the start is truly a love story.

The more we learnt about the beautifully understated story of the love between an Indonesian exile and the Australian woman who championed his cause, the more we felt we needed to acknowledge it.

For us, their unconditional and enduring love has become a powerful symbol of all that was good about the beginning of the relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

Music files and lyrics

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Over the border of time (Melintasi batas waktu)
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'Til the light burns down
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